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Glen L.

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Dave D.

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Vishaal K

I’ve been a member of various gyms most of my adult life, but I have never felt as welcomed and at home as I do at Evolve Fitness. The small group classes, which I started attending about three years ago, are absolutely my favorite. Megan and Richard are always helpful and very positive which is invaluable when I’m barely awake at 6am. I really appreciate that they focus so much on form and doing the exercises correctly, keeping me safe and improving with results! When I previously trained on my own, I would get stuck doing the same set of exercises each gym visit. But I get so much variety with the classes at Evolve; I’m always looking forward to what I’ll get to try next and improve with over time. With Megan’s and Richard’s help, I’ve noticed a big difference in my strength and fitness level, and look forward to continuing on this journey at Evolve!!!”-Kate B

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Kate B

“Evolve Personal Fitness has changed my life. Megan has been my personal trainer and really more of a “life coach” for me for the past 6 months. She goes above and beyond to adjust her training methods to be cohesive with my needs to keep me driving forward. Although she’s very understanding when my motivation starts slipping, she always holds me accountable in a way that keeps me moving forward, never backwards.

Just like trying to drop a bad habit, a lot of people tend to try multiple gyms as they can’t quite find one that theFile_000y’re “comfortable” with. Well my friends look no further. Evolve always has a homey feel to it, and everyone that I have crossed paths with so far has been nothing but encouraging and kind. The veterans at the gym project comfort rather than intimidation, and the newbie’s always continue to inspire me.
Since joining Evolve, with the help of the trainers, under the leadership of owner Richard, my perception of fitness has completely… EVOLVED. Megan has impacted my life positively in the following ways; I’ve lost weight, built muscle, quit smoking, changed my diet and found a passion for cooking. I also have so much more to attribute as once you create a healthy and happy mindset, everything around you changes for the better and your true desires start to fall into place. Cheers to 2017, folks, and spread the word!”

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Shane W.


“Yes, you can go home again.

I tried a variety of different clubs and exercise options –  from barre to yoga to cross-fit to my own regime.

I haven’t left.

What’s the difference?  First, the personalized attention.  I am guaranteed that both Megan and Richard are looking out for my own personal safety.  They are always cognizant of making sure (shoulders back!) that I am doing each and every exercise and machine correctly.

Second, encouraging members to look at fitness as a lifestyle – not just where you go several times a week.  From book clubs to sharing recipes, to self- defense and  mindfulness; Evolve emphasizes the health and well-being of the entire individual.

Third, a fun environment!   Richard and Megan always greet you when you enter the facility. It might be Richard’s friendly “hello” or Megan dancing to the song on Pandora sets the tone of the club. The members are warm and welcoming; encouraging and complimentary.  

Lastly,  encouraging you to work a little harder.  It might be more weight, a longer plank, or an interval.  They push me – delicately.  You feel that they are there to help you achieve your goals – no matter how small.

And, most importantly, I feel great!

Yes, sometimes you can go home again.” -Barb B.

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Barb B

This is a great little gym for those who want personal training – and – for those who don’t want sivto pay for/need all the bells and whistles usually found in bigger gyms like swimming pools, rock climbing walls, etc.

I used to belong to 24 Hour and Lifetime before Evolve, but I like Evolve the best. The trainers here, Richard and Megan, are very personable and hard working. They know their stuff and are able to adjust exercises and routines to meet everyone’s needs.  Most importantly, you can tell they sincerely care (they check on me even when I am traveling).

Plus, they help get results.  I have lost fat and gained more muscle mass since joining the gym almost two years ago. I started with one-on-one training sessions for the first year and evolved to the semi-private training sessions which I really enjoy!  I would definitely recommend this gym to others.

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Siv H.

Joe recently retired after 35 years as a sales executive in the telecommunications market. One of Joe’s many activities is golf, which he constantly strives to improve. As part his golf imjoeprovement program, he decided physical conditioning was mandatory. After diligently searching for a conditioning program, he decided that a personal trainer was the most effective approach to achieve his goal, which also had the added benefit of overall health improvement. Evolve Personalized Fitness was an ideal match for Joe’s needs since it offered the variety of equipment needed for a beginner to advance. Its location is 10 minutes from home, and Richard designed a program specifically for Joe’s capabilities and goals. Joe has attained remarkable improvement and is well on his way towards making training part of his lifestyle. Thank you Richard and Evolve Personalized Fitness!

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Joe P

“I have been using Evolve Fitness for physical exercise for 4 years. For the past two years I have had Richard and Megan as personal trainers. They have always been able to focus on my special needs in a frienEDMOMdly and patient manner. I have lost 20 pounds in that time as well as increased muscle tone, balance, and strength. They are terrific in what they do! I would not hesitate in referring my friends to them for training! Thank you Evolve Fitness!”- Ed Chasteney

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Ed Chasteney

Since moving to Dana Point six months ago, I found Evolve Personalized Fitness and I now always look forward to my workouts. Richard and Megan are very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, always showing a smile on their face with terrific attitudes! They encourage us to keep going during semi-privRo Miller MOMate training in a positive way even when we think we can’t. The small group training classes are truly wonderful. By joining this gym, it was, and still is a way for me to start meeting very friendly ladies! The staff at Evolve keeps the gym very clean and they even provide purple towels to use during your workouts. I would definitely recommend Evolve Fitness to anyone and everyone! Thank you Evolve Fitness! – Ro Miller

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Ro Miller
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