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Most Efficient Way to Burn Fat: Cardio vs. Strength

When trying to lose weight, you may think that cardiovascular exercise is the best way to reach your goals. Yes-it’s a great way to burn fat! When we do long, slow intensity cardio exercise, our bodies use a process called fat oxidation for energy to perform the exercise. This means that our bodies burn fat for energy so our body can do the task at hand. Isn’t that great? Exercises that use fat oxidation range anywhere from walking up hills, riding the elliptical, or stationary bike for a prolonged period of time (30 minutes to 1 hour).

lose weight and strengthen your core with a plank!

Strength may mean being able to walk up steps without pain, but for our client, it means doing a 2 minute plank with a 45# plate!

But, wouldn’t you want your body to be more efficient at burning fat while your doing cardiovascular exercise? That’s where strength training comes in. Strength training builds muscle. When we have more muscle, our bodies burn more calories at rest. Burning more calories at rest means an increase in metabolism, resulting in your body being more efficient at burning fat!

Don’t forget all of the other benefits of strength training like being able to carry all of your groceries in without asking for help, or being able to pick up your kids without throwing your back out! You’ll look better and have more confidence, as well as feel better! You’re aches and pains will decrease, as well as your risk for injury! You’re body will work more efficiently, and your friends and spouses will definitely notice!

At Evolve Personalized Fitness, we believe that strength training is most efficient to burn fat, build muscle, lose weight, and see results! That’s why, we recommend doing 3-4 days of strength training for at least one hour each session, and 2 days of cardiovascular exercises for at least 20 minutes.  Are you unsure of what strength training exercises or cardio modality to do? We can help.

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The Most Simple Way to Relax

Life is busy. Work is busy, we are busy taking care of our kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc. When is there ever time to relax? Through my personal experience, as well as working with clients, I have grasped the reality that relaxation is a learned behavior, and a practice. A lot of times when we go to sit down and relax from our stressful day, all of the things that we didn’t get done start running through our head, and then we start worrying about all of the things we have to do tomorrow as well, making our brain go in crazy circles!

What if I could give you a solution that took only 30 seconds? That solution is focusing on your breath. 10 deep inhales and 10 deep exhales.  Focusing on the breath is the most simple form of relaxation. When we focus on the breath, we are becoming more aware of our body, pausing for a moment, and becoming present. It’s just you. If a thought comes up? Don’t grab it, let it go. Be with yourself for this short period of time.

How does breathing relax us? Breathing stimulates the nervous system. The inhale stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) putting tension in the body, and the exhale stimulates the parasympathetic nervous (rest and digest) allowing all the muscles to ease.  And yes, your brain is a muscle.

It takes 30 seconds. Take 10 deep inhales, and 10 deep exhales. When? Before you walk into a stress-filled day at work, when you leave work, when you get home to decompress from your day, right before the kids get in the car after school, and maybe right before you go to bed. Anytime you feel stress or anxiety coming on, breathe. Ahhhh….


Warmest Regards,

Megan A Czuchra

Your Time Matters!

Through my experience as a personal trainer, I have seen a common trend with new clients. TimYoung Woman Looking at Watche. Nobody has any time. With busy jobs and children, its hard to find three hours to yourself. But just wait!!!

There are 168 hours in a week. There is time to work out!! All fitness professionals will ask you to commit is three hours per week. 3 hours per week!! We can all fit that into our schedule. Maybe we get up a little bit earlier or go to bed a little later than normal, but it is so important to take that time and dedicate those three hours to your health. Your kids will appreciate it, your significant other will appreciate it! But most importantly, YOU WILL APPRECIATE THE HARD WORK AND TIME YOU PUT IN!!!
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The Ideal Gym For Yourself

Signing up for a gym is a wonderful starting point for getting you on the route of being healthy. With the large wide range out there in fitness centers now, it can be crucial to grasp anything you want in a bright before you indication up. Most fitness centers and studios assist you to check out a complimentary session or take a look at the facility right before you decide to a calendar year or six-month membership.


The ideal gyms in dana point contains a superior ambiance, courteous team, clean up amenities, and athletic gurus who will guide you with acquiring your individual conditioning plans. You will need to obtain a gym where by you really feel snug inquiring thoughts and seeking out distinctive machines. Relying on your individual plans, it’s possible you’ll need an individual form of gym. Such as, in the event your emphasis is on toughness setting up, you can need a gym which includes a broad and specialized wide range of kit and conditioning instructors who will guideline you in acquiring your plans. Some fitness centers have indoors or out of doors swimming pools while some have rock-climbing partitions or give conditioning lessons starting from yoga and Pilates to TRX exercise routines, spin, dance, and other cardiovascular lessons.

Picking out the ideal gym for you can be a vital conclusion and a financial investment. Distinctive things to choose into account involve the styles of machines, house, and facility made available from the gym, several hours, rate, locale, features, and selection of people, cleanliness, and the styles of people doing the job and frequenting the gym. Fitness centers change noticeably in rate relying on the facility, features, supplemental products and services available, and also duration of membership. You could normally acquire a reduction for getting your membership in progress. Touring to and from a gym really should not be an arduous or extensive system if not you can stay clear of likely there. Timing after you work out is also sizeable. For those who drop by the gym ideal right before or just after your work and there is a nine to five program, you might find that you’ll be trapped in targeted visitors lots or that the gym is packed after you get there. Pick out a gym which includes the form of features and machines that you might want, though continue to remaining roomy more than enough and shut more than enough towards your dwelling and work to stay effortless that you’re going to continue to keep likely.


Many of the most effective fitness centers are really crowded. Doing the job out at distinctive situations allows stay clear of crowds. Though lots of fitness centers have wonderful excess features starting from saunas, lounge spots, swimming pools, and other distinctive options, you’ll want to pick out a gym with the amenities that you’ll be applying. For those who recognize that you won’t be swimming, stay clear of shelling out for just a gym with those people amenities. On the other hand, it’s possible you’ll involve distinctive features or drive childcare amenities and as a result this may be a very important preference in your range of fitness centers.

The cleanliness within your gym may be very vital. Pick out a gym with great sanitation that may be perfectly managed. Following a superior exercise session, it’s possible you’ll choose to pop into the shower and owning superior amenities could make you really feel a great deal extra snug and hygienic.

The machines in your facility should really be on top of the range and perfectly managed. Most fitness centers comprise strength-building machines which include Cybex, Nautilus, or Hammer Toughness in addition to no cost weights, dumbbells, bars, benches, and racks. In addition they have cardiovascular machines which include elliptical equipment, rowing equipment, stair climbers, stationary bikes, spinning bikes, and treadmills.


Some fitness centers are unsuccessful to take care of their machines. Stay clear of applying machines that reveals indications of neglect. The several hours of procedure are sizeable. Most fitness centers are open up afterwards but some shut their doorways early on weekends. For those who are likely to work out afterwards in the working day, pick out a gym that stays open up until not less than 10 o’clock during the night time, so you never experience rushed in your exercise session. Some fitness centers are even open up twenty-four several hours.

You ought to pick out a gym where by you really feel snug with the people there, starting from the team at the rear of desks, to instructors on the ground or training in rooms, to the clientele applying the gym amenities. The gym’s administration workforce should really be quick to solution and welcoming, though also protecting knowledgeable and respectful ambiance. In conditions of the people doing the job out at the gym, you ought to find a gym where by you really feel snug with the clientele. If you don’t experience snug, you can most certainly stay clear of likely. These things might help you in pinpointing the proper of gym for yourself whereby you could make improvements to the conditioning amount within your system, manage your well being, and boost your standard of living.