Most Efficient Way to Burn Fat: Cardio vs. Strength

When trying to lose weight, you may think that cardiovascular exercise is the best way to reach your goals. Yes-it’s a great way to burn fat! When we do long, slow intensity cardio exercise, our bodies use a process called fat oxidation for energy to perform the exercise. This means that our bodies burn fat for energy so our body can do the task at hand. Isn’t that great? Exercises that use fat oxidation range anywhere from walking up hills, riding the elliptical, or stationary bike for a prolonged period of time (30 minutes to 1 hour).

lose weight and strengthen your core with a plank!

Strength may mean being able to walk up steps without pain, but for our client, it means doing a 2 minute plank with a 45# plate!

But, wouldn’t you want your body to be more efficient at burning fat while your doing cardiovascular exercise? That’s where strength training comes in. Strength training builds muscle. When we have more muscle, our bodies burn more calories at rest. Burning more calories at rest means an increase in metabolism, resulting in your body being more efficient at burning fat!

Don’t forget all of the other benefits of strength training like being able to carry all of your groceries in without asking for help, or being able to pick up your kids without throwing your back out! You’ll look better and have more confidence, as well as feel better! You’re aches and pains will decrease, as well as your risk for injury! You’re body will work more efficiently, and your friends and spouses will definitely notice!

At Evolve Personalized Fitness, we believe that strength training is most efficient to burn fat, build muscle, lose weight, and see results! That’s why, we recommend doing 3-4 days of strength training for at least one hour each session, and 2 days of cardiovascular exercises for at least 20 minutes.  Are you unsure of what strength training exercises or cardio modality to do? We can help.

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Periodization Training Program Dana Point

Periodization: A Training Program that will get you results: guaranteed!

Have you been feeling like your workouts are the same month after month? Do you feel like your workouts aren’t as efficient as they were when you started your exercise program? Have you stopped seeing results after the first month or so? At Evolve Personalized Fitness, our goal is to avoid mundane, boring, and ineffective workouts completely! That is why we have implemented a periodization training program!

Periodization is an exercise program that varies in phases designed so that your body doesn’t get hurt, and so you don’t hit a weight-loss plateau. 

Single leg romanian deadlift in stability phase of periodization.

Cathy working on single leg RDL’s during our stability phase

At Evolve and in periodization, training occurs in five phases: stabilization, endurance, power, hypertrophy, and strength. Each of these phases demands that the acute variables of sets, repetitions, rest, intensity, and tempo match in order to achieve the primary goals of each phase. This ensures that the adaptations that occur in the energy systems, muscle fiber types, and neural-muscular-metabolic continuum match. This allows the body to receive consistent messages from all of its systems to maximize efficiency. This way, you won’t get hurt, and your workouts will be fun, always changing, and efficient!  

Group class doing a plank in endurance periodization phase.

Group class PLANKING during endurance phase.



Read about different types of periodization from Training Peaks!! and check out how Evolve implements this science-based program with our assessment process here!

Personal Training – Importance of Consistency

Why is it important to be consistent with your personal training? HERE’S WHY.


Don’t skimp out on your personal training sessions! When you invest personal training, train as frequently as possible so you get the results you are looking for! We recommend at least 3 days per week for maximum efficiency and effectiveness!

Follow our systems= see and feel GREAT results!

personal training infographic - train more, save money, see results

Not sure how to ? Contact one of our personal trainers to start today! and: learn more about benefits of personal training here!

Importance of Heart-Rate Monitors Dana Point

At Evolve Personalized Fitness, we strongly encourage you to wear a heart-rate monitor during your workout! Wearing a heart rate monitor is one of the best ways to track the intensity of your workout and a great way to get real-time feedback during your training session! This helps the trainer keep you accountable to push yourself during training sessions but it is also a tool for you to keep your trainer accountable for the intensity of the workout! It’s an awesome way to measure and customize your workout to hit your target heart-rate. That’s personalization to the max! While working out on your own, it allows you to manage and vamp up how hard you push yourself! The heart-rate monitor also allows you to track how many calories you expend during your workout, as well as set goals.

You may be thinking;  “Sweet! My watch measures my heart-rate!” Although this is true, this isn’t the best approach to measuring how hard your heart is working. Wrist heart-rate monitors are not nearly as accurate as ones that wrap around your chest. Around your wrist, the device moves around and gets input from the movement and vibrations from your arms. The best heart-rate monitors to wear are ones that have a strap that you wear around your chest. It is close to the heart, leaving it the most accurate way to measure its activity!

heart-rate monitor around chest

Curious to know where to get one or which to buy? Stop in at Evolve and ask one of the staff members and to find your target training intensity!

Also: read more here! 

3 Tips To Stay on Track with Your Goals During the Holiday Season!

Lets face it. It is almost impossible to not indulge in food and drink during the holiday season with Christmas parties, family visiting, and of course…Grandma’s famous cookies! Here are a few quick tips to help offset holiday festivities!

1.Drink Water

Water helps flush out toxins, keeps your digestion regular, and helps you feel full. Drink 1 16oz glass of water 20 minutes before eating, and for every cocktail (wine, beer, etc) have 1 equal sized glass of water.

2. Schedule Workouts

Schedule workouts ahead of time to keep yourself accountable during the busy holiday season. Just like you planned your party ahead of time, do the same for working out! Staying with your exercise program during this time will reduce guilt, keep you energized, and leave you empowered because you got the workout in and still threw an epic party.

3. Don’t Skip Meals!

You may find yourself wanting to skip breakfast to counter the calories from the night before. You may think skipping lunch will be beneficial because you plan on having a large feast that evening. Keep your eating habits consistent so you don’t overeat during the holiday festivities!


Moral of the storyBe mindful of what you are doing, eating, and drinking, but most importantly have fun! Enjoy this magical time of year spent with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors!

Are You Really Physically Active?

There are many of us who are disciplined, and attend the gym on a regular basis which is amazing. Throughout my experience, I have found that health and fitness isn’t just about what we do in the gym, in fact, what we do at the gym is just a small portion of fitness. True health and fitness comes when we align the other hours of our day with our goals. My question to you is, are you only exercising or are you being physically active too?

Physical activity is the small things we do throughout the day such as walking to the car and into the office, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also consider doing the laundry, gardening, taking the trash out, or cleaning the kitchen forms of physical activity. In the past few years, there has been a decline in our physical activity levels due to increased desk jobs with booming technology, delivery options with food, and TV shows that we seemingly cannot get enough of…for hours.

Exercise is planned, purposeful, repetitive, structured, and quantifiable physical activity. This is the form of activity that we preform with a specific goal in mind to improve and/or maintain some aspect of our physicality, which is why you are all here at Evolve Fitness!

“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives”- Annie Dillard

The point being, if you exercise on a regular basis and are not seeing many results, ask yourself, how am I treating my body while I’m not at the gym? Is what I am doing hurting me or helping me? Am I sitting when I could moving around? Am I going from desk to chair to couch on repeat?

Advice from Evolve Personalized Fitness Team: if you order food, get take out and walk to your car to pick it up, walk around the house while you are talking to your friend on the phone, fold laundry while you are watching TV, and take the stairs when you can!!